Contact me

On introduce yourself (ofcourse), explain the reason of you reaching out to me. Make sure that you already answer questions before I have to ask them.

I do NOT offer chatsessions or communicate on instagram or other platforms. Respect this.

Email is for business and serious contact only.

To be honest…

I can only date a guy, seriously, with a fetish for feet. There wouldn’t be any future if he has no fetish for feet. Its a part of my sexuality, but also…

A part of my lifestyle. One who has NO footfetish at all won’t understand.

This is not about submission or being a dominant type. Its about understanding and a huge part of my life.❤ Which I love.

I haven’t found the love of my life. I’m also not looking for it. I don’t need or desire a relationship. But I believe if its written for me Prince charming with a fetish for feet will enter my life whenever it will be. 👀

I believe in al Qadr, destiny. If its written it will happen. If not it won’t, and I’m happy anyway. I enjoy my life the fullest, I dont need a man for that. 🙌

Maybe I wont even end up with a man… maybe with one of the girls… who knows 🤷‍♀️

Are you a sucker?🤔

In my opinion there are people who give you energy or people who suck/steal your energy.

I prefer to spend my time with people who give me energy. Who add something to my life. Something positive. Or share tough moments. Give support.

I am aware that there are a lot of suckers. Its something I have to accept I know. But still I dont want them around. To protect myself. That should be normal right?

In the footfetish community people are giving energy, supporting, and sharing. But as in a normal society there are suckers in our community they excist too. Unfortunely. You can understand that I dont wanna work with suckers. I dont wanna meet suckers. I dont want to have anything to do with suckers.

So when you try to contact me. Think about it...

Will I add something positive in her busy life? Will it be valueble to her? Will I bring joy, fun or pleasure? Will I appreciate her precious time and value it?


Will I be the sucker. The sucker for attention. Waste her time while she is busy as hell? Will I just take her time and dont appreciate it? Am I too greedy: I want everything for nothing.

Think about who you are.

What will you add for me?

Is it money?

Is it new shoes?

Yes I love it ofcourse. But I dont want it from a sucker.

Bring me shoes. But bring them with a smile. Bring them with joy. Bring them with fun. Bring me your vibe. Your energy. Lets have fun together, be friendly. Respect each other. Give each other energy and support. Add something good and positive in both our lives. So we will end our meeting in happiness and with satisfaction.

My goal is not to make money. Not to run a business.

My goal is to enjoy life. I love what I do. And that is more than just these feet and heels stuff. And yes I love that too. So lets share this passion. Dont be a sucker. Not only to me. But to everyone.

Turkey, Antalya 2019 september