Free palestine

I wont ever support a terrorist state like Israël. There is no Israël to me. For me it has always been Palestine ❤🇵🇸.

I dont care for loosing followers. Less income. Less interaction. Lower stats. It doesnt matter. People in Palestine 🇵🇸 are fighting and stressing for their lives.

How could I stress about these irrelevant things such as statistics and followers? I dont care!

What has my page, your fetish to do with this issue?

We should all express ourself against terrorism. Against apartheid. Against genocide. I want to clean my page, my fans, my followers from Israël supporters.

For your notice, ever since I started my instagram. I boycot every page with the israeli flag. I never did any business with them. And I wont. No customs and no sessions.

Disagree with me? LEAVE! 👋 unfollow 👋 I dont want this type of energy around.

Again: we should all stand against genocide. Against terrorist Israël.

This starts everywhere. Even me. What can I do? What can you do? Maybe not much, but we can speak and express and NOT support this terrorist fake state. Stand up for Palestine 🇵🇸 I stand up for Palestine. Since we are humans, we should all stand up for Palestine ❤

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