No chatsessions

Hello guys,

To be completely clear with you:


This also means no chitchat. Its hard to understand for most that they are not the only one. But you might be #10 of the day or even #40 sending me a message.

These messages leads to nothing. I dont know you, you dont know me. So stop the crap. Go straight into business. Either you get a YES or maybe a NO.

Im not here to seek friends or any relationship. So dont expect this. But when we grow some kind of friendship then its real. These things takes time to grow, it takes efford and attention. In REAL LIFE. Not online. NOT ONLINE!

Some feel offended because I dont chat. They call me a bitch or whatever they wanna call me. Well, go to the girls who offer a chatservice. And also pay for it. Because I DONT.

I offer an experience. Which you can see on

To get back on feeling offended for not chatting or answering chatmessages… its your problem when YOU have this feeling. Its YOUR feeling not mine. Maybe you need some help? As I made a choice of no chatting. Its my choice. I would have a dayjob chatting. While your free twitter, instagram, fetlife and pornhub & email messages takes time to answer. Time where I dont get paid for.

So you can send me an email, with a serious request. Be specific about your desire/wishes and your offer. Intro-fucking-duce yourself. Its not that hard. Its no rocketsience. And you might get an answer. ONLY WHEN I AM INTERESTED. So sending me a worthless email wont get my attention.

Hopefully some of you get to understand it.

Special thanks,


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One thought on “No chatsessions

  1. Well said and needed to be said. I too hope people will take a page out of your descriptive playbook and learn to be respectful of your time and efforts. You put out such consistently beautiful work, Ms. Nour. Thank you! Here’s to practicing good etiquette, good manners, kindness, and compassion to those content creators that make this cyber world go ‘round 🙏❤️👣🔥😊


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