Creating content together

Todays topic is about explaining how it works to create content together.

As many guys and some girls request me to do so, so I will explain it here once. So its easy for everyone to understand and I dont need to explain you guys one by one over and over again. Which can be a part time job to me.

So for who doesnt know this: to create content on onlyfans, even on my page only YOU need to have your own Onlyfans page. And not only just an account/page: You need to be verified.

Why? according to the rules of onlyfans, and all other paysites who publish content you need to show them you were not forced into this content and also you were old enough. It also protects me, in case you change your mind I will have a backup that you once  desired it for yourself to create content with me.

Creating content without being verified or any modelagreement WONT work. Wont be any deal for me. I cant publish any work. So its a NO, dont ask me about it. 🚫

Being verified on Onlyfans means you need to show them who you are. You also need to scan in your ID. So if you have issues with this part, I can understand, dont waste my time about it. But I can understand, I didnt want to send my ID as well before, this is why I started only last year with Onlyfans. Only to know for sure if this website can be trusted.

And for pornhub as well, I need to log in in my profile, scan in your ID and modelagreement. And voilà we are done, very easy👍 I also WONT keep your ID in my files. NEVER. It will only be scanned in straight to Pornhub using my profile. This way feels better for me and for you that we wont have any issue between us having your ID in my files. It will only be kept in Pornhub files.

When you are verified and/or also signed the modelagreement for Pornhub we are free to create whatever we want.

How I work:

Ill edit all our videos, send them to you to know if you are okay. You need to watch them and answer me within 5-7 days max. Or due to anything we can agree on a longer term for you to approve.

When you agree on posting, I will post them ✔

Ill be clear about it all, so if there are any questions which are not answered here feel free to contact me:

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