To be honest…

I can only date a guy, seriously, with a fetish for feet. There wouldn’t be any future if he has no fetish for feet. Its a part of my sexuality, but also…

A part of my lifestyle. One who has NO footfetish at all won’t understand.

This is not about submission or being a dominant type. Its about understanding and a huge part of my life.❤ Which I love.

I haven’t found the love of my life. I’m also not looking for it. I don’t need or desire a relationship. But I believe if its written for me Prince charming with a fetish for feet will enter my life whenever it will be. 👀

I believe in al Qadr, destiny. If its written it will happen. If not it won’t, and I’m happy anyway. I enjoy my life the fullest, I dont need a man for that. 🙌

Maybe I wont even end up with a man… maybe with one of the girls… who knows 🤷‍♀️

Published by deliciousdutchfeet

Totally into my pretty feet and high heels

One thought on “To be honest…

  1. I am sure the guy would be luckiest who you choose as your date. After-all, who wouldn’t like to be under your feet just to amuse you?


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